Dante Pineau

When you write out Dante’s life so far, he sounds like a mad man! He’s worked as a landscaper, farm hand, burger flipper, money handler, meat slicer, old folks handyman, and product wrangler. 
Meanwhile, on the educational side of things, Dante went to home school, computer school, and college school before he was out of high school. Then he went to another college school for a bit, but didn’t care for it, so he got married and moved to another state. 
Dante’s interests include but are not limited to films, making films, TV shows, comic books, and podcasts. 
While Dante was raised in the early 2000s, he grew up on 1940s and 50s films featuring Errol Flynn and Danny Kaye, the 60s classic Mary Poppins, a few of 70s films ranging from Star Wars to Monty Python, a bunch of 80s cartoons and films including Transformers and The Princess Bride, and yet somehow he still had room for the prequels, the golden age of Pixar and the beginning of the MCU in the 90s and 2000s… What era is this guy from???
Now Dante does as many podcasts as he can handle at one time, and attempts to create the best content the internet has ever seen–er–heard. 
Oh, also he’s 19. Sound like a mad man to you?