Podcast With Us

Reasons to join PAVE Media:

  1. Combining listenership. Our listeners can become your listeners building the popularity of your podcast.
  2. A helping hand. We all have life throw things at us from time to time and that shouldn’t mean your podcast has to take a step back. We can help you with things like promotion and social media.
  3. Sponsorship. We are working on getting backers for Pave media and this means you can get more out of your podcast.
  4. Mentorship. If your new to podcasting, let us help you with getting real down-to-earth feedback so you can grow as a podcaster and improve your product.
  5. Try outs! Let your creativity run wild, with a safe space to explore what you can bring to the Pave table and see how it goes before releasing it to the public.
  6. Exposure. We will be shouting about your podcast on our network social media and website, as well as guest spots on other Pave podcasts.
  7. An online home for your podcast and yourself. Every host will have their own page with links to all their podcasts (and social links if they like), and every podcast will have its own page which will have links to every host’s page, along with the show’s own social profiles and links to the show on each separate podcast player.